About Cat Patch Tactics

Cat Patch Tactics was started as a personal repository for information on gear, guns, and concepts from my unique perspective. My views are my own, often based on those of smarter men as well as my own experiences.

I believe there is a need for an online resource that helps to spread good, quality information, while still acknowledging that normal people all have different circumstances.

This is the blog for the normal dude or dudette who wants the straight scoop.

I’m very open to feedback. Please feel free to comment on articles! If I’m factually mistaken about something, be sure to let me know so I can correct it!

I do in fact also have a Youtube Channel. I won’t be uploading a ton of videos, but there are many shooting and military related videos on there that you might enjoy, that won’t likely be getting cross posted here as part of articles.

If you’re interested:


My bio:

I’m a former 11B1P. I spent 6 years in the Army as an active duty paratrooper filling multiple roles including company and platoon armorer, assistant gunner/gun team leader, rifle team leader, rifleman, automatic rifleman, ammunition bearer, M240 gunner/turret gunner, etc… My assignments were as follows:

Aco. 2/503IN (ABN) 2010-2013 w/ OEF XIII deployment
Bco. 1/509IN (ABN)(OPFOR) 2013-2014
Cco.Pathfinders 1/509IN (ABN)(OPFOR) 2014-2016

Following my honorable discharge from the military, I dabbled in unarmed security with a very large company for a bit, (G4S), spent some time as a Park Ranger, graduated from college with a BA in International Affairs w/ a History minor, and I’m currently embarking on a career in law enforcement.

I’m here to learn, and share my experiences with others.
Hope you enjoy.


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