Rescue Essentials Tactical Ankle Medical Kit

I’ve been a big advocate of carrying medical gear nearby, but up until recently the bulk of my personal kit was carried off body. Being a college student, (currently), I’m able to carry a good deal of just-in-case trauma gear in my backpack, which is always nearby, but I’ve neglected to work towards finding an on-body solution. I’ve always planned on getting an ankle med kit, but one thing or another kept me placing it on the backburner.

Vegas changed that for me.

Seeing the sheer amount of wounded, dead and dying strewn about that festival on the news, and realizing that had I been there, my gear would all be in my bag far away from my person made me seriously rethink how prepared I was. Thus, that night, I ordered the Rescue Essentials kit.

This is an initial review, as I don’t have much time wearing it around long term so far. I’ll update with long term durability as time goes on.

Upon initial inspection, the kit seems well made. For around $60 you get not only the carrier itself, but also a SOFTT-W tourniquet, two pairs of nitrile gloves, and an Israeli dressing. Compared to other options where you get only the carrier for the same price, I think this came out to be a good deal. The only thing I added to the kit was a pack of Combat Gauze that I had laying around.


The kit is logically organized, with one main pouch for the dressing, and two smaller elastic pouches for the tourniquet and gloves. In theory you could always move the gloves and add a second tourniquet, or even a spare magazine if carrying in a non-permissive environment, but keep in mind this will increase weight and decrease comfort. In addition to the pre-sewn pouches, there is also a small MOLLE section.

The product conceals nicely under a pair of normal fitting pants.

One of my initial thoughts was that when wearing low cut socks, the carrier might cut into my leg or cause discomfort. This seems to be remedied by the addition of a suede like material which so far seems comfortable, even with low cut socks.

The other worry that I had was that perhaps the SOFTT-W was a knockoff. These concerns were mitigated by the fact that the package included the lot number and other information from the tourniquet itself. Rescue Essentials thus far seems to be a good source of medical gear.

Overall, at least upon initial use, I’d strongly recommend purchasing this kit or one similar.

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