EDC Pocket Dump/Overview

I will attempt to make this sort of a semi annual post, in order to track changes, trends, and overall refinement of the concept. 

This is all stuff I carry every day, with a few noted exceptions.


Current EDC:

I attempt to take a fairly minimalist approach to my everyday carry stuff. This picture is immediately after returning home from running errands. I conceal a Glock 19 and reload on my body every day, not including certain non-permissive environments. Everything else remains the same from day to day.

Gun- Everyone’s favorite category, my primary handgun is a gen 3 Glock 19 with a Streamlight TLR-1 weapon mounted light, Warren Tactical sights, (blacked out rear, tritium front), KKM drop in match barrel, grip plug, Grip Force Adapter backstrap. My primary mag is a Glock OEM 15 rounder, with Vickers plates. Trigger is a Glock 17 smooth faced trigger and bar, with a (-) connector. No other internal parts have been modified. Gun is carried in a Raven Concealment Systems Phantom holster with their IWB soft loops, circa about 2013. I carry at about the 3-3:30 position, with my reload being at about the 8:30-9.

Spare Mag- Spare mag is a Magpul 21 rounder, carried in a OWB Blade Tech carrier. All mags are loaded with 147 Grain Speer Gold Dots, giving me a total of 37 rounds on hand with minimal effort. I can scale down and ditch the reload if I have to, but most times if I’m carrying the Glock 19, it’s very little extra effort to add on the reload.

Phone- iPhone 5C in Otterbox, (hate it, piece of overpriced garbage that needs constant repairs). Phones are an important part of your EDC, especially in today’s society. They allow us to have instant communication with loved ones, (as well as authorities should something bad happen), and give us the ability to find our way to various locations, as well as record any events that occur along the way.

Wallet- Basic leather wallet with cards, cash, and credentials. These are all things that must be carried in order to be a productive human.

Knife- Benchmade Griptilian that has seen better days. Knives are likely one of the most useful of our daily carry items, but you don’t have to break the bank over it. Don’t worry about carrying a fighting knife unless you can actually fight with a knife. I’ve been in a few fights, and I still don’t think carrying a fighting knife is essential, at least at my skill level. Keep in mind that a tool you don’t know how to use properly, is a tool that you will likely be giving to the enemy when they take it and stab you with it.

Be realistic.

Watch- My daily watch is a Casio G-Shock. I can’t remember the exact model. Having a source to tell the time and date that isn’t as likely to die as your phone is very important, unless of course you are the type of person that typically runs late and doesn’t achieve much. A wallet, watch, knife and belt are four things that every single man should have on them every day of their lives. Some would add a notebook to that list, but I rarely read the notes that I take, so I exclude that item. A pen is a good addition, however.

Light- Streamlight Stylus Pro. Literally the size of an inkpen, running off of two AAA batteries, and pushing out 90 lumens, this is an excellent utility light. Additionally, I can use it for social purposes in a pinch if the situation dictates. Some people get bent out of shape about not carrying a full size handheld in addition to your WML, but I’m just not going to carry something that large. My pocket space comes at a premium, and I’d rather carry a small, useful light 100% of the time, than a massive light once a month.

Again, be realistic with your needs and requirements. Don’t carry things just for the instagram points.

NPE Carry- Some environments don’t allow for the full size gun, or for any gun at all. I’m easily able to tailor my load down for these situations. Ditching the gun entirely isn’t preferred, but it’s something I’m comfortable with in my area, given the low crime rates, and my otherwise decent situational awareness. For times where I can still get away with carrying a gun legally, but avoiding detection is of utmost importance, I switch to a Glock 43 in a Desantis Bellyband. While not ideal, this allows me to have a gun on my person, filled with quality 9mm defensive ammo, in nearly any situation.The rest of my load typically remains the same in these environments.


Belt- Arguably the most important ingredient for holding your whole EDC load together is a quality, rigid belt. I personally use a Wilderness Instructor belt, which is lined with a thin polymer. This keeps it extremely stiff, and keeps the holster, (and my pants), from shifting and slipping around. I tend to dress a bit boorishly, (or rather “lumberjackly”), so if you are a bit trendier, you might want to consider a quality leather belt.
Future Upgrades:

While I’m fairly content with what I’m currently carrying, I would like to change a few things up. The Blade Tech carrier is a bit clunky, and I develop a hotspot on my side after several hours of carrying with it. I might consider trying out the new Raven Copia pouch in the near future. Additionally, I’m considering switching the Warren Tactical sights out for a set of Dawson adjustables, in an attempt to further remove equipment from the equation when it comes to further improving my accuracy. A new knife is also in the works, and I’m giving the Spyderco Tenacious some thought in that regard.

All things considered, My current EDC load is rather useful without being “too much”. I don’t need 400 feet of paracord, or anything else for a realistic daily scenario.

Hopefully this was helpful, please comment and share your own!

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