Nordic Components Magazine Release Review (Old)

This is an OLD review on a 10/22 component, but I still have the release on the same gun 9 years, and thousands of rounds later, with no issues or complaints. I’m unsure if this product is still manufactured…Nordic Components Magazine Release for the 10/22 Carbine

The Nordic Components Magazine Release is an aftermarket part designed, in part, to fill the tactical 10/22 niche. Created especially for pistol gripped stocks, it allows the user to eject magazines with the firing hand, as opposed to the traditional method of taking your weak hand off of the gun and manipulating the release, ala AK or G3/MP5, etc… This product makes magazine changes much quicker, simpler, and makes tactically modded 10/22s much more ergonomically pleasing.

A Nordic Components representative posting on made me aware of this product. The representative displayed pictures of the product “in the white”, straight off the mills, and mentioned five free samples for whoever emailed him their info. I naturally jumped on this offer, and promptly received a response telling me I had made the cutoff. The product shipped quickly, and was packaged professionally. Simple, easy to understand illustrations were included.

Installation of the Nordic Components release is a breeze. Simply take your barreled action out of the stock and lay it on its back, “belly up”. Depress the magazine plunger with your finger, and tap out the pin. Remove the stock release, and then reverse the process, putting in the new release and reinserting the pin. Make sure to keep the plunger depressed throughout the process so the holes align correctly. Place your action back in the stock and tighten any screws/barrel bands. Function test once or twice and you are ready to go!

First impressions are everything, and the Nordic release does not disappoint. CNC cut aluminum with a bead blasted, anodized black finish, this is a stout product. It mounts up firmly, with only a negligible amount of room to wiggle. The color matches that of the stock receiver and trigger group almost perfectly.

I must admit I was initially critical of how well the release would function. Coming from the OEM product, I am accustomed to taking my non-firing hand off of the fore stock, moving it to the mag, and manipulating the release. With the Nordic, you must keep both hands on the carbine, as if you were still firing. If you take your non-firing hand off of the stock while using the Nordic release, then there is a good chance the magazine will not drop, as the release is not engaging fully. Using this revised method, the Nordic release cuts my mag change times in half, eliminating a few complete motions, and generally simplifying the process.

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